Hey ya Hooligans!  

It’s Sherell Jane here. Listen, i’m glad you found my site and decided to stop by to see what i’m about. If you don’t know who I am (which is likely) than here it is:  

I’m a singer and a songwriter based out of California’s Central Coast. It’s just me and my guitar most days, unless I snag a friend on the road to play the drums or something with me. I love making music that has a point behind it. Whether that be reminiscing about love and family, dreaming about the future, telling someone else’s story through lyrics, or sharing my own--I love making music that connects with you. And I hope it does. On this site I do a lot of other things too. I like hearing from you guys so you’ll hear podcasts as I interview my friends and you cool people I run into about life. I also write on my blog so if you’re interested in that check it out. All my social media links are up here too.  

I enjoy traveling. I love finding cool groups of people and hanging out with them. I especially like playing music with them. One thing I enjoy doing when i’m couch surfing in your town is seeing how you and I can use our talents and passions to bring change to the places you call home. We’re powerful together, and I like bringing people together to love and be loved. 

 I hope you feel loved while you’re here, Beloved. 

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I’ll see you out there! 

-Sherell Jane 

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